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Fat Dissolving Injections in Cardiff and Penarth

Often referred to as intralipotherapy, our fat dissolving injections are designed to treat localised stubborn pockets of fat, that are otherwise proving difficult to lose via the traditional routes of diet and exercise.. The active ingredient is Sodium Deoxycholate which is available at a facial concentration and a body concentration to target the two areas effectively.


Fat dissolving injections are an effective treatment to aid in reducing fat cells in a specific area of your body. It is a safe cosmetic treatment that produces permanent results. The injections can be used to reduce small pockets of fat in the chest, abdomen, chin, thighs, arms, ankles, and knees. However this is not a treatment for weight loss, and we always recommend that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to help maintain your results.

Price Range

Per Facial Area£200
Body (area and size dependent) from:£200